Priority fields calling for Investment

*Industrial production sector.
           Ha Nam province prioritizes attracting investment projects that do not have bad effects on the environment, and have advanced technology as well as ensure investment efficiency, focusing on such industries as:
+ Mechanical manufacturing, assembly, automobile, motorbike
+Electricity, electronics, telecommunications, information technology
+ Supporting industries, new materials
+ Processing industry, preserving agricultural products, food, beverages, milk.
*Investment for construction and trading infrastructures in industrial zones.
       Ha Nam province wants to attract experienced domestic and foreign companies that have financial potential to invest in construction and trading infrastructures in industrial zones and industrial clusters in Ha Nam province such as:

+ Expanding Dong Van III Industrial Zone – in Duy Tien district, at the scale up to 800 hectares
+ Thanh Liem industrial zone, at the scale of 200 hectares
+ Thai Ha industrial zone, at the scale of  300 hectares
+ Investing in the construction of an Inland Clearance Depot (ICD)
+ Investing in clean water supplying plants, solid waste treatment and waste water treatment concentrated for industrial parks and urban centers.

*High-tech agricultural production and processing sector
- Growing and processing products of high value added vegetables, roots, and fruits for large supermarkets and for export.
- Investing in the construction of concentrated livestock areas such as clean pig raising, dairy cows, beef cows, breeding cows, poultry and processing products from pork, beef and so on.
- Field of agricultural Research and Development (R&D).
*Health care, education, human resources training
Ha Nam province prioritizes attracting investments for the zone of Nam Cao University and regional high-quality health care zone with the following fields:
+ To invest in the construction of vocational training institutions, high-quality tertiary education institutions with international standards.
+ To invest in the construction of high-class hospitals and nurturing and aged care establishments (for foreign and domestic users) and supporting services (production of medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, Scientific researches) in the high quality medical zone.