Open letter

Ha Nam province has a natural area of nearly 900 square kilometers and a population of over 800 thousand people. The province is the southern gateway of Hanoi capital and adjacent to the northern key economic region of Vietnam. Ha Nam owns an extremely propitious network of road traffic, railway and river traffic, and its available advantage is Highway 1A, Ha Noi – Ninh Binh Expressway, Highway 38, Highway 21 and North – South railway, etc. All of these give Ha Nam the advantage as a transport hub linking with Northeastern provinces to Hai Phong seaport, Noi Bai International Airport, and northern border gate. 
          Ha Nam has many favourable conditions such as: young human resources, geographical position, infrastructure, land, limestone resources, etc. Hanam people  have the tradition of studiousness, diligence, creativity and humanity. Ha Nam considers industry a driving force for rapid, effective and sustainable development of socio-economy to become an industrial province by 2020. Along with industrial development, Ha Nam always puts agriculture and rural development on a strategic position that is an important premise for socio-economic development, political stability, security and defense. 
               Ha Nam regards the investment cooperation as a very important task promoting the socio-economic development of the province. Therefore, the province has had many preferential and supportive policies to attract  investment in advantageous industries as well as fields such as: mechanical industry, manufacturing, assembly, supporting industry, electronic component manufacturing and assembly, manufacturing consumer goods industry, processing industries, high-tech agriculture, the development of infrastructure including infrastructure of industrial zones, commercial infrastructure, service, tourism, regional health center, Nam Cao University; invest in the development of eco-tourism, spirituality and golf courses; invest in the development of infrastructure in the new urban areas of the province, the network of restaurants and high quality and modern hotels.

              Having the advantages of infrastructure conditions, human resources and favorable investment environment, Ha Nam has received the attention of domestic and foreign investors.
              To help you understand more about Ha Nam's natural conditions and people as well as the open-door and integrative policies  and investment opportunities in Ha Nam province, we have the honour of recommending the book “Ha Nam, destination of choice for investors”. We hope that the book will provide useful information to meet the needs of investors who need to invest in Ha Nam province. 
                                                                                                                         Wish you all success!