10 commitments of Ha Nam province for investors

10 commitments of Ha Nam province for investors
Besides the general preferences of Vietnam Government, Ha Nam province also has its own preferential policies through 10 commitments of Ha Nam province for investors:
(1). To provide businesses with full electric power during 24/24 hours.
(2). To ensure infrastructures and provide the fence of enterprises with essential services including: electricity supply, water supply, telecommunications, waste water and waste collection and treatment for enterprises.
(3). Settle administrative procedures in a quick and timely manner, within which the time limit for issuing investment certificates shall not exceed 3 days, and conducts administrative procedures and electronic tax procedures in a convenient and accurate manner.
(4). Support enterprises in training laborers and supplying laborers with techniques and discipline.
(5). Allocate clean land without collecting money to build housing for workers; Meet the demand for services, social infrastructure and entertainment.
(6). Support and create maximum conditions for enterprises when they need to expand production or change their production or business plans or adjust investment certificates.
(7). Customs service for industrial zones, fast electronic customs clearance.
(8). Ensure security and order outside the fence of enterprises as well as the safety of life and property for laborers working in enterprises.
(9). Ensure no strikes.
(10). Establish a hotline of the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and Korea Desk Center, Japan Desk Center to receive information and immediately address recommendations from businesses.